Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Gah, Damned this wretched illness!

Greetings once more, and this week I'm reporting to you live from down town Sicksville! Alas, yes, the dreaded lurgy has again found me at this time of year, and has crept into my face and chest with astounding vigour, One of the things I hate most about being ill, is the general level of illness that you feel. See, being ill would be fine if it didn't make you feel so crap.

Anyways, enough about the ins and outs of my respiratory tract, and on with musical stuff! Obviously, with my body exhibiting more gravelly noises than a well primed Joe Cocker, I've not been doing a whole lot of singing this week, but my friends and I  have been doing the recordy thing over at Zephyr HQ, and now have a number of tracks that are heading for mixing. We are being featured as Band of the Week on SHMUfm soon and shall be offering tasters as to what's going to be on the forthcoming album. As for my solo work, well, the mission goes ever on. I'm currently working on 5 songs, 3 of which are completely fresh and newly written, and the other 2 are from my early days and should be a nice surprise for a few people.

The initial name for the new album was going to be Three cheers, but long thought and deep discussion with my production team (who all live in my head) has swayed me toward naming it Road Closed instead, and hopefully you'll understand why once you hear the title track and see the album artwork, which is, as I type, sitting in a box marked 'Things not to forget about'.

The sound production course at college is going well (or was until I missed 3 days because of this bloody illness...grumble grumble rant!) and the results are starting to show already, production quality and depth are already improved on the sample recordings I've done, and if things go to plan and I get the new mixer and computer I'm aiming for, things can only get better :)   (Down side being that I'll be much thinner, having no money for food coz I spent it all on kit lol)

In other news...

...A couple of weeks back I posted some new videos up on Youtube, they're simple videos of me playing my tunes in my kitchen on a sunny(ish) day. A couple of the new album tracks are there in acoustic form, by all means drop by my page and have a nose about, any feedback is always considered welcome and appreciated :) The link is   ...

...Also in other news, my beautiful black Schecter C1 electric guitar is up for sale. It's a stunning piece of kit, Duncan design pick-ups, Grover machine heads, Mother of pearl piping throughout, anyone that might be interested should chuck me an email or get me on facebook for further details.

So, that pretty much concludes this update, I hope the world is well with you, I'm off to go get down with my sickness !

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Welcome to the G Spot!

Hello people, and welcome to my blog. I've not blogged before, so no doubt a lot of my first posts will be pretty random.

Ok. Where to start? I'm a singist and noisist from the North-east of Scotland, I've got an album on itunes and I'm slowly losing my hair! (I don't think the latter two are related, but you never know.)

Recently I decided to leave my day job in the oil industry and go back to school to learn sound engineering. After 3 years of writing, playing, recording and mixing my own music, (entirely self taught) I thought it was time to get the qualification and learn the official way to do things. So just now my days are pretty full of music.

Leaving my job was one of the scariest things I've done in a long time. Giving up financial security to chase a dream; not a choice one makes lightly. Still, my days are now spent mixing and playing tunes, not getting covered in gunk. Always good.

Further to running away from the big bad world of work, I've been out busking the streets of Aberdeen (in January... I know. And yes, it is that cold.) with my good friend Freak (front man for HoodooZephyr, Polk Frock purveyors of the finest quality). I have to say it's not the biggest earner I've ever tried, but the people are friendly and it's a good laugh.
Playing with HoodooZephyr is another way I fill my time; good music, good banter and good beer with good friends. Keep your eyes open around the North-east and you might just catch us playing somewhere, although a word to the wise, please don't feed the bass player, getting your hands near his mouth is a sure way to lose a finger or three.

So, 2012. 'No Regrets' is released and selling fairly well. My fanbase is growing slowly, and this year hopefully i'll be back to gigging... watch this space.